Quix IBTS - Internet-based Test Solution

It is a real-time software that uses the internet in the process of examination. It is a flexible system that can be use to facilitate various kinds of examination which includes Professional examinations, Job aptitude test, University/Admission examination, Entrances test, etc. This innovation is use to manage examination process online with serious considerations to the advantages of the conventional examination process. It was develop after a thorough research on the way tests are conducted in Nigeria. Quix IBTS integrates the conventional examination approach with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) so as to yield a better result. It is design to overcome the short-comings or the challenges posed by the conventional or routine way of conducting test. It is built to improve efficiency, thereby reflecting the true performance of the tested candidates, unlike the former where many factors affect the participants' performance thereby interfering with their performance rating.

It is an application that put into consideration the fundamental principles of Examinations. It is aimed at eliminating examination malpractices which comes in various forms such as question leakage. It is a secured system that does not allow hacking for score altering. It has a feature which automatically calculates candidate's score with no form of external influence. Some other advantages of Quix IBTS are; it does not require installation and is accessible any where there is internet service. It has an automatic rating system which enables candidate to be rate base on their performance as regard their score and test duration. It is a system that enables you to select qualified candidate without stress and at no cost.

Due to changes in examination standard and policies, Quix IBTS is designed with a feature that makes it flexible to changes. The software has been tested by renowned institutions. Quix IBTS is a product designed and developed by a team of well trained software developers in Jumbrox Limited.

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