Jumbrox Validator

This is an online based document verification solution that proves the integrity or the genuineness of various document such as identity cards, certificates, etc. This tends to curb the menace caused by forgery, impersonation, etc.

It can be used to verify various range of documents. In other words, it is not restricted or limited to certain institutions. It defines the genuineness of document issued by any institution, thereby preventing the document from being compromised for dubious activities. Sectors which Jumbrox Validator applies to include but not limited to the following sectors; health, education, transport, etc.

In order to ensure its availability for use and security, it is developed to be internet driven. It is designed to enable smart phones to be used as a verification device. This makes it very simple and cheap to use.

Verifiable documents or Items

Identity Card

All registered means of identification can be verified using this validator. This ensures a non-compromised means if identification.


These sets of documents are always regarded as sensitive documents. Therefore, their integrity is of high value. Jumbrox validator can be used to ascertain the authenticity of any type of certificate or related documents.

Medical items

This can curb the menace caused by fake health related items such as drugs, packaged food, etc when registered with the validator so as to enable the end user to ascertain their genuineness. This will assist NAFDAC to curb fake drugs and food items.