Bootcamp 3.0

It is a 3 months internship course for interns interested in developing their software development skills. This course is a poised towards equipping participants with relevant skills required in the software industry. This is a course that complements and put into use knowledge acquired back in school. It is a practical oriented course which involves both trainers and trainees to be completely immersed.

All standards both local and international are put into consideration during this course. This implies that educational standard are strictly complied with. To ensure this is carried out, there is a periodical supervision from the interns respective institutions.

This Course which spans for three months will deal with the following areas of software development;

Website/Application development

Interns will be trained on how to develop a functional website. This aspect encompass the proficient use of the various languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,etc. This session involves the fundamentals of these languages and how they can be use effectively in developing the Grapical User Interface (GUI).

A practical driven programming session will be a major part of this course. The objective is to train interns on how effectively they can use various programming languages for any application development. PHP will be treated to a great extent. This they will use to build an application as part of their project.

Database Management

A part of this course involves Database Management. The objective to train interns on how to manage various databases starting from their creation to managing stage. Databases to be treated include MySQL, etc.

Structure Query Language (SQL) will be extensively be taught as part of the course. Interns will learn how to use it to issue query to various databases such as delete, insert, update, select, create, etc commands.

Software Entrepreneurship

This is the entrepreneurial aspect of software development. The objective of this session is to enlighten interns on the opportunity and the challenges that are in the software industry. And how they can use it to their own advantage.

This session will involve various seminars and interactive session with entrepreneurs in the industry. Mentorship opportunity will be given to any intern that is interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

Topics that will be treated includes

  1. Business Plan and Proposal writing.
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Business Leadership, etc


All interns are required to pay a non-refundable fee of ₦1,200.00 as registration fee.

Before or at resumption, interns will be require to pay ₦15,000.00 which covers tuition fee, training manual, development kit, etc.

All Boarding interns will be required the sum of ₦5,000.00 for Accommodation and other welfare services which must be paid before resumption.

Trainers and Venue

The Tutors are experienced professionals in their respective area of expertise. Other Professionals from various fields such as banking sector, legal personnels, etc will hold special interactive session with the interns periodically. These are renowned individuals in their respective areas of specialization.

The venue of this course is at our ICT centre 6, Old Emede Road (Opposite DELSU second gate) Oleh, Delta State.

Hostel for Accommodation purpose is also available for interns who my want to stay around the training centre.

The Course begin August 20, 2018

Kindly call/sms/whatsapp 09022736920 or mail to indicate your interest.