Earlit Course

Basically Earlit is gear towards introducing the software industry to students at the secondary educational level. It is an initiative that equips trainees with the basic and fundamentals of software development skill. It empowers trainees to play active role in this burgeoning industry.

We run the course independently and also with secondary education institutions

  1. Earlit is designed to complement computer science studies, thereby enriching the subject to be able to meet the evolving needs of the software industry. This enrichment takes the form of higher level of intuitive learning accompanied with practical session.
  2. This course introduces trainees to new career paths. The software industry has numerous opportunities that defined new career choices which can tackle unemployment to an appreciable degree.
  3. This course equips trainees with the necessary software development skills. This enables trainees to be self-reliant early. According to statistics, most of the world's successful programmers are less than 35 years, which implies that early pursuit of this career is an advantage. Equipping children with this skill will solve the challenges of unemployment and employability.
  4. Cybercrime has been a major challenge to the society. Earlit seek to curb such challenges by creating awareness on the positive possibilities that can be achieved through the use of ICT such as creating innovative software. During the program, each trainee is given a task of developing software that can solve relative human challenges.