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Learn website development coding at your own pace

About Jumbrox Limited

We are a new generation Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firm poised towards integrating the newest ICT skills to your approach of resolving business/organizational needs. We are multi-dimensional in our approach to your problem-solving and needs, so as to provide effective and efficient ICT solutions. Some of our services include

  • Online Vote Consultancy (Credivote Platform)
  • Internet Based Test Services (Quix IBTS)
  • Software/Website Development
  • Software Development Training
  • ICT Consulting
  • Jumbrox Challenge
We are timely

It is a perfect service when it is delivered on scheduled time of demand. We are here to offer perfect service.

We are Reliable

We create an atmosphere that settles in and bring out the best out of every task at hand. We are reliable.


We prioritize simplicity in every one of thes services we offer albeit quality is never undermined.

Private Class

You can now learn website development at your pace and convenience. This is a custom-made course design for individuals seeking to get new skill in IT. We teach you how to build website from the scratch by coding.

Course duration depends on the you (trainee) and your learning rate. The first module of the course is to teach you HTML and CSS. At best we recommend 4 weeks for this course. After a successful completion of this course, you will be given a task/project to build your personal website.

Second module is usually graphics and JavaScript. Although this module is optional, it is highly recommended for individual who may want to specialized in Frontend Development.

The last module usually take a period of two months. Within this period, trainee will learn PHP and Database Management. At the end of this module, combine with the knowledge of the first module, trainee should be able to build a complete web application. This will be confirm via the end of course Project.

This course can be attended by individuals or a group. But trainees must be above 14 years and acquainted with the use of computer. Infact it is mandatory for trainee have his or her personal laptop.

We hold our classes both virtual and physical meeting, depending on what you want.

Contact us via +2349022736920 today to book your class.

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Jumbrox Challenge

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This is a secure Online voting platform designed with the sole purpose of facilitating voting exercise of any scale (Paid and Free). It is a real-time vote result collation facility whose result has a 100 percent accuracy.


Quix IBTS is an internet-based examination platform that can be used to facilitate examination of any scale. It is a system that reflects the true performance of candidates. It is real-time in nature.

Software Development

We specialize in development of world class software to meet the need of our clients. We do web-based application, Mobile application, Desktop Application.

Software Development Trainings

Our trainings are definitely what you need as a beginner or an expert to further achieve the goal of your career or ambition.


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